Pembrokeshire Ghost Tours: A Journey Through Haunted Landmarks

After speaking with a customer last week who had a wonderful time on the Tenby Ghost walk, I thought it might be a good idea to write about the different supernatural tours available in the area. For those of you fascinated by ghosts, the region has its fair share of supernatural myths and legends.

Dive into these tours and let the spirits of Pembrokeshire guide your journey.

Tenby Ghost Walks

The coastal town of Tenby might seem like the perfect summer getaway. But as the sun sets, the town reveals its darker side. The Tenby Ghost Walks promise tales of ghosts, fairies, witches, and peculiar Pembrokeshire customs that will send shivers down your spine.

Scolton Manor Ghost Hunts

Nestled amidst the lush Welsh countryside lies the imposing Scolton Manor. A Grade II listed Victorian manor house, its grandeur is undeniable. The Scolton Manor Ghost Hunts offer an opportunity to communicate with the spirits that are said to roam the manor’s hallways.

Situated on the edge of the Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park, the manor house dates back to 1840 and is believed to be haunted by members of the Higgon family, who once held prominent positions in Pembrokeshire society.

Ghosts of Carew Castle

Carew Castle is a place of wonder and mystery. Locals often speak of a white lady who roams the ruins. They run ghost talks and guided ghost walks at different times of the year. Check the website for availability.

Over the years, numerous tales of ghostly apparitions and unexplained phenomena have been associated with this historic site. Here are some of the most intriguing tales:

Princess Nest

Many locals from Carew village speak of encounters with a ‘white lady’, believed to be the ghost of Princess Nest, once dubbed the most beautiful woman in Wales. Nest, the daughter of Rhys ap Tewder, the king of Deheubarth, had a tumultuous life filled with love, betrayal, and adventure. Her spirit is said to roam the castle grounds, welcoming visitors just as she might have done nearly 900 years ago.

The Barbary Ape

Another haunting tale from Carew Castle revolves around Sir Rowland Rees, a 17th-century tenant. Sir Rowland, after his travels to the Barbary Coast, brought back an injured ape, which he had trained to obey his commands through a series of whistles. One stormy night, following a heated argument with a local merchant named Horwitz, Sir Rowland unleashed the ape to attack the merchant. The next morning, Sir Rowland was found dead in a pool of blood, with the ape nowhere to be seen. Legend has it that on dark, stormy nights, the ghostly figure of the ape returns to the castle, its eerie presence felt by those who pass by.

Paranormal Investigations

Carew Castle has been the venue for numerous paranormal investigations, with many seeking to uncover the mysteries that lie within its walls. The castle is available for hire to groups and organisations wishing to conduct their own investigations into the supernatural occurrences reported there.

That should give you enough information about the local ghost tours on offer. If you’re ever in the mood for a far less frightening tour of Pembrokeshire’s beautiful landscapes, don’t hesitate to book a ride with Tuk Tuk Time. We’ll ensure you have an adventure to remember!

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