Things to do in Pembrokeshire

Difficult question this as it very much depends upon what floats your boat – and there’s a lot of boats in Pembrokeshire for sure! With the county having its’ North, South and West boarders all surrounded by the sea of the Atlantic ocean, boats, water sports, fishing and anything coastal related comes into play. I’ll share here some of the things to do in Pembrokeshire that caters for all – whether you’re a fan of the coast, countryside or townie who just needs some retail therapy.

Preseli Pony Trekking

As a child, I was lucky enough to enjoy horse riding for a few years and if I were to return to riding, the best experience would likely involve countryside with ideally not too many vehicles passing by. Beautiful, but relatively unknown are the Preseli Mountains and the home of Preseli Pony Trekking. Rugged moorland – which could tell some ancient celtic mythology stories if the Preseli’s could speak – is a fantastic way for your pony trekking adventure.

Coastal Foraging with Craig Evans

The scene and the setting don’t need much of an introduction but the gentleman who had the vision to bring Coastal Foraging to Pembrokeshire has always impressed me. To meet Craig you could be tricked into believing he’s just an ordinary person whose spent his whole life outdoors and so I was dumbfounded when he let me in on his secret of having been an ex banker! The ability to forage off the coast and then cook up, on the spot, has got to be one of those golden, never to be forgotten experiences. Visit / to book one of their many courses by the coast.

Pembrokeshire Alpaca Trekking

Whilst it’s always great to visit a zoo to see the animals, there’s nothing quite like getting up closer with your own Alpaca in tow. If you’ve really little ones then offer a “meet and greet”option that may be more suitable than the full blown trekking experience. Either way, these halter trained, tame Alpacas will prove fascinating – especially when you have the “eye staring” competition with them.

Harbwr Brewery

This family run company leave no keg unturned when it comes to a great pint. You can visit the brewery and tap room, easily to be found in Tenby – between the main Tudor Square and Tenby Harbour. Just love how the names of the ales pay respect to Tenby boats in years gone by!

Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm

Bugs, bugs and more bugs are to be found at this wonderful research and visitor centre. There’s a bug museum, tropical bug zoo and a British Bug house for starters. It’s all about alternative ways to produce protein sustainably whilst minimising the carbon footprint. The icing on the cake or should I say “bug on the cake” is to round off your trip to the grub kitchen for your insect edible food!

Y Felin – watermill

Isn’t it funny that modern technology meant the mass production of electricity, yet here we are, now taking a look at how the old ways worked best! Never has it been truer than the need for a watermill to produce the energy to produce stoneground flour – hats off to you Y Felin watermill!!. (N.B. “Y Felin” is pronounced “Err Velin” if you’re first language is English) It’s a very ancient building – the 1640’s and it’s yours to enjoy by booking a tour to see for yourself.

Narberth town

This quaint town is well known for those who just like to shop. There’s no chain stores to be found here, just a great range of independent shops, a rabbit’s warren of antique shops, a few art galleries and craft shops in the mix. If you’re hoping to find that outfit or piece of jewellery unlikely to be mass produced and not run the risk of turning up at the staff party wearing the same dress as someone else, then Narberth is your go to place for a fantastic day out.

The Lovespoon Workshop

It’s a beautiful story to hear…………… In 1969 Thomas the Woodcarver decided the time was right to propose marriage to the love of his life and so, in attempt to avoid having to purchase an engagement ring, he proposed with his own hand carved Lovespoon. And every year since, to celebrate and mark their marriage and continuing love, Thomas makes another Welsh Lovespoon for his wife. Thomas is obviously very talented as making Welsh Lovespoons has become a fabulous, international family business. You can visit the workshop and listen to the story behind many of the Lovespoons. How romantic is this!!!

The Pembroke Town Hall Murals

Whilst the majestic Pembroke Castle might have pride of place visually, the wall panel murals, created by husband and wife team, George and Jeanne Lewis can be found in the foyer and upper landing of Pembroke Town Hall. Stone age right up to early 20th century are depicted via notable events, scenes and people of Pembroke on the Murals.

Lamphey Bishop’s Palace

We might have twelve castles in Pembrokeshire but we also have palaces, even if this one is a bit of a ruin. If you love history and archeology then a visit to this grade 1 listed, medieval palace should be on your itinerary. The palace was used as a country retreat for Bishops – hence the name. If you intend to visit Pembroke, this is just seven minutes drive from Pembroke Castle.

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